Welcome Parents!

Your child is participating in an event which nurtures their natural inclination to create, to problem solve and to apply content knowledge skills learned in school and at home. This event is known as the “Invention Convention.”  During the school day, our children are introduced to specific lessons and activities to grasp new concepts and to meet grade level standards. The Invention Convention is designed to complement and support these efforts.

By identifying a problem and then creating or inventing a way to solve this problem, children are not only applying the skills learned in school but also fostering problem solving skills and pushing boundaries by bringing a new idea into the world!

The first step is your child to identify a problem needing to be solved. Your child may ask you if YOU have a problem that needs solving.  Your interest and encouragement at this stage will help make this an enjoyable learning experience.  Help your child think about problems in their lives and in the lives of those around your child.

You can support your child in the the additional ways:

  • Allow your child to make mistakes and use these mistakes as a learning opportunity.
  • Set aside time for your child to rest and recharge even if deadlines are approaching.
  • Encourage your child to ask for help – but don’t do the entire project yourself.
  • Try to refrain from nagging your child to finish the project. Set up a calendar with deadlines.
“All Kids Are Inventors”