The Tennessee Invention Convention  is held annually in late February.  Fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers in the middle Tennessee area receive a brochure in October inviting participation. Private schools as well as home schoolers also receive invitations to participate.

Basic rules for taking part in the Tennessee Invention Convention include:

  1. An invention must be the product of either a single inventor or a team of no more than 3 inventors.  If a team, each member must contribute equally.
  2. An invention must fall into one of two categories; Games or Makes Life Easier.
  3. Each student must submit an invention description form which includes the following:
    – The category of the invention (See No. 2 above)
    – The name or title of the invention
    – A picture or sketch of the invention
    – An explanation of how the invention came to be (idea, process, how it works)
    – All the rules and/or directions for playing or operating the invention
    – An itemized list of all parts and approximate cost for the invention
  4. The cost of the invention prototype should not exceed $20 (each item must have a price associated with it) Inventors are encouraged to use recycled materials.
  5. Displays
    – Display boards are not required for participation, but are encouraged if created by an inventor or team of inventors.
    – An inventor’s complete display (including the invention) must not exceed 24″ x 24″ x 24″.
    – The inventions are allowed a space of 2 feet by 1.5 feet on the tabletop in front of the display board. If the invention is too tall to fit safely on the table, you are allowed to put it on the floor in front of the display board.

At the convention, participants will enjoy meeting other young inventors from a variety of schools, hear from a notable speaker, and experience presentation skills to several judges. A few more perks of the convention include:

  1. Each inventor will go home with a certificate, a program with their name and invention inside, and one of the featured inventions highlighted for the convention.
  2. Over 25 trophies, ribbons, and medals are presented at the conclusion of the convention as well as the announcement of inventors selected to attend the National Invention Convention!
“All Kids Are Inventors”