How is this different from other Engineering and Science Programs?

  • Each student determines the problem he wants to solve based on issues he has experienced in his own lives
  • Solution is a real-world, practical invention of their own design

What will this cost my school?

The Tennessee Invention Convention is fortunate to have State Farm to sponsor this annual event! Due to their generosity, there is not a fee for participating at this time.  Even in mature programs nationally, cost rarely exceeds $150 per school for unlimited kids. Invention Convention is an exceedingly cost-effective way to get kids practicing real life skills that will last a lifetime.

Why would I want my school or classroom or students to participate?

The Tennessee Invention Convention has been in existence for 25 years. Other established states include Connecticut, Georgia, Ohio and Idaho.  After the state convention in 2016, Tennessee had 20 inventors eligible to attend the National Invention Convention. It was exciting to participate with hundreds of other young inventors from around the United States!  National Invention Convention serves as a social and educational outlet for students between the ages of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

My school already has Invention Education.  Can we participate in Tennessee Invention Convention (and National Convention)?

Yes you can!  There are some criteria around inventions that every inventor must follow – but if those criteria are met, the more the merrier. Students must first attend the state Convention and then selected students are invited to the National Convention. Contact us so we can discuss it further.

“All Kids Are Inventors”