The Tennessee Invention Convention proudly hosts nearly 500 students each year from the middle Tennessee area.  In addition to over thirty trophies and ribbons being awarded to students, every student receives the ‘featured invention’ for the year and a certificate of participation at the conclusion of the judging.

Some recent young Inventors with their inventions include: 

Maddox The Measuring Shovel
Cameron & Darrah The Civil War Game
Caleb, Marquis, Ty & Cameron Fishing for Idioms
Olley Todd 4G Elimination Ball
Elysa & Cara Kitty Castle
John Buyrl Feed ID opoly
Maya & Abagail The Posture Protector
Walker & Grayson Life Glass
Elijah Footware Fans
Thomas & Braeden Full Body Umbrella
Carter No Break Rake
Jayclen & Aiyana Star Food Caddy
Keleigh The Sockanator
Jillian & Lillian Lunchbox Compartments
Austen & Clay I Clip
Jack, Matthew, Gabe, Will & Dean Insta-Hang
Tamiah, Jennifer & Payton Pyramid Plunder
Ben iPod Microscope
Jenna Wet Head Pillowcase
Savannah, Madelyn & Terri Fashion Trivia
Shaunnissa & Katie The Simple Bottle Holder
“All Kids Are Inventors”